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There’s A Storm To Watch For Early Next Week – Exact Details Still Have To Be Ironed Out

For Tonight: More clouds than stars can be expected tonight. Low temperatures will be near 25 Degrees. Winds will be North to Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday: An area of high pressure will control the weather throughout Thursday.

This means that Thursday will be sunny to partly sunny with high temperatures between 40 and 45 Degrees. Winds will be North at 5 to 10 mph in the morning and Southeast at 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.

Friday: A partly sunny and slightly milder day is expected on Friday. High temperatures will be between 43 and 48 Degrees. Winds will be South at 10 to 20 mph.

This Weekend: A fast moving frontal system will cross the region late Saturday. Out ahead of this front, a southerly wind flow will likely lead to quite a mild day on Saturday. In addition, some scattered showers can be expected during the afternoon and evening. High temperatures Saturday will be near 55 Degrees.

Sunday looks to be a partly sunny day with high temperatures near 45 Degrees.

A Possible Winter Storm For Tuesday: It looks like we could be in for quite an intense storm system that affects the entire area during the day on Tuesday. The big question, however, is the exact track of this storm and this is going to be important in determining who receives heavy snow, a mixed bag of snow, ice and rain and a snow to mostly rain scenario.

What’s going to be even more difficult in figuring out this forecast is that the air mass out ahead of this storm is pretty mild with temperatures on Monday expected to reach 45 Degrees. This means that this storm system will need to create its own cold air through dynamics and forcing. So, if we do see a really intense storm system, it probably would have no problems producing heavy snow.

Then, we would need to figure out the exact track of this storm, which is important in determining where the snow-ice-rain line sets up.

A track near or over the Cape would lead to rain across areas near and south of the Mass Pike, a mixed bag of snow, ice and rain for areas north of the Mass Pike, but south of Route 2 and heavy snow across areas near and north of Route 2.

On the other hand, a storm track just offshore of the south coast of New England would lead to a widespread heavy snowfall with strong winds across all of Western and Central Mass.

My Thoughts Are That precipitation may start as rain and sleet across the Connecticut River Valley, as well as across areas near and south of the Mass Pike late Monday night and early Tuesday. Meanwhile, areas north of the Mass Pike will probably start as a snow, sleet and freezing rain mixture late Monday night and Tuesday morning.

As that storm system strengthens significantly, precipitation should change to all snow across the entire area by later Tuesday morning with the snow continuing through all of Tuesday afternoon.

All snow then comes to an end by Tuesday evening or so.

Exact forecast snow amounts this far out are extremely uncertain and I wouldn’t even want to take a stab at it. I will say that the area that has the highest chance of seeing more than 6 inches of snow looks to be areas in the Berkshires, the hilltowns of Western Mass and across areas north of the Mass Pike. Areas near and north of Route 2 certainly has a shot of seeing a foot or more of snow out of this storm.

This is definitely a storm that will be watched closely in the coming days and I will certainly have many more updates for you.

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