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Sunday Evening Weather Update For Western & Central Mass

Tonight: A quickly weakening Henri is currently located over northwestern Connecticut and will slowly move into far eastern New York State tonight. The position of Henri is now such that Western and Central Mass is in a dry slot and thus the heaviest rain is confined to mostly eastern and southeastern New York into New Jersey. This also means that tonight will be very humid with on and off light to moderate showers and low temperatures between 70 and 75 Degrees. It should be noted that we still have round 2 to go through with Henri and that’s expected during Monday afternoon and evening. Monday: I will be watching for a renewed flash flood and severe weather threat for Monday afternoon and Monday evening as the remnants of Henri will move back to the east and track right across northern Mass. It appears that an area of widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms will primarily affect the Berkshires during Monday morning with these heavy showers and thunderstorms moving into the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass during the early afternoon hours. These heavy showers and thunderstorms are then expected to affect Western Mass throughout the afternoon on Monday before diminishing during the evening. As for Central Mass, widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms will move in by mid-afternoon and then affect Central Mass until almost midnight Monday night. The combination of an abundance of energy and humidity connected to the remnants of Henri means that the heavy showers/thunderstorms will be extremely heavy rainfall producers. This means that there will be a renewed threat for flash flooding is expected across all of Western and Central Mass throughout Monday afternoon and Monday evening. In addition to this, there is likely to be just enough of an unstable atmosphere with low-level wind shear that we are going to have to closely watch for rotating storms and the possibility of a quick spin-up tornado or two. High temperatures on Monday will be near 80 Degrees and it will be extremely humid. Hot & Humid Weather From Tuesday Through Thursday: It looks like a period of hot and sometimes quite humid conditions are expected for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with high temperatures each day near 90 Degrees and Heat Index numbers near 100 Degrees. A Shameless Plug – I know many of you have commented the last several days how much you like my detailed analysis on Henri. This is something that I actually do all the time with tropical storms and hurricanes with my business, Crown Weather Services. I know many of you have family, friends or interests in areas that receive tropical storms and hurricanes a lot more than we do in New England. I have over 25 years of experience forecasting tropical storms and hurricanes and what makes Crown Weather Services different than other weather agencies? Let me tell you: I go much, much further out in time and much more in detail than what many other weather agencies go. I look at the weather pattern and other data and give alerts weeks in advance of areas to watch for tropical development. This gives my customers that extra time to prepare and keep an eye out, just in case. I also don’t hype tropical systems, but instead give you the actual information with other possibilities that may occur. I’m honest with you and tell you what I do know and what I don’t know. As a customer of Crown Weather Services, you have your own personal meteorologist that will answer any questions you may have regarding tropical storms or hurricanes. For much more information on our subscription service, Crown Weather Plus, just go to . It does cost money, but our subscription costs are reasonable, as compared to other weather agencies that you have to subscribe to. Ok, shameless plug done.

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