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Rain Expected Tonight & Then Again Thursday Afternoon & Night; A VERY Mild Friday Is Expected

Since winter seems to be gradually loosening its grip on our area, I’m going to be concentrating more on my “main business” (Crown Weather Services) which is coverage of severe weather and especially tropical storm and hurricane activity starting in May. I’ll still be sending out occasional forecasts, especially for any late season winter weather threats (unfortunately, I think we still have another round of winter weather for the end of this month into the first part of April) and then for the summertime severe weather threats. Just know that the frequency of the weather updates will be less than what you saw throughout the winter. Also, in case you’re interested, I wanted to let you know that I have posted my seasonal forecast for tropical storm and hurricane activity for the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. You can read my thoughts at . Now For The Latest Forecast For Western & Central Mass: For This Afternoon: Skies will become cloudy this afternoon as a cold front approaches the area from the north. Temperatures this afternoon will be between 55 and 60 Degrees. Winds this afternoon will be southwest at 5 to 10 mph. Tonight Through Wednesday: That cold front is expected to push through the area tonight bringing with it a period of rain between 6-7 pm this evening and midnight tonight. Rain will come to an end by about midnight with cloudy skies expected after midnight tonight. Low temperatures tonight will be between 35 and 40 Degrees. Winds tonight will be south at 5 mph before midnight and west at 5 mph after midnight. Wednesday is expected to be a partly sunny day with high temperatures between 55 and 60 Degrees. Winds on Wednesday will be west to northwest at 5 to 10 mph. Thursday Through Friday: An area of low pressure is expected to move along the East Coast of the United States during the day on Thursday and pass near Nantucket on Thursday night. This means that skies will become cloudy during Thursday morning with rain expected for Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. High temperatures on Thursday will be near 55 Degrees. Low temperatures Thursday night will be near 45 Degrees. Friday looks like it will be an absolutely fantastic day for weather. Partly sunny skies are expected on Friday with high temperatures between 65 and 70 Degrees. This Weekend: Wet weather looks likely for this weekend, especially on Saturday as an area of low pressure pushes through the area. Rain is expected throughout the day on Saturday with the rain continuing into Saturday evening before ending. High temperatures Saturday will be between 50 and 55 Degrees. Low temperatures Saturday night will be near 40 Degrees. Sunday looks like it’ll be a cloudy day with high temperatures near 50 Degrees.

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