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Another Round Of Rain Late Tonight Through Friday Morning Will Be Followed By Accumulating Snow From Sunday Afternoon Through Monday Morning Across Western & Central Mass

More Rain Is Expected Late Tonight Through Friday Morning: An area of low pressure is expected to track across western New England later tonight into Friday morning bringing with it another round of rain to the entire area.

Rain is expected to overspread the entire area between about 2 am and 4 am Friday morning. This rain is then expected to continue through all of Friday morning before it tapers off to scattered showers during Friday afternoon.

I do think that the Worcester Hills and especially areas from Holden, Barre and Rutland northward through Princeton and along the Route 2 corridor will need to be watched for the occurrence of freezing rain from about sunrise Friday morning right through mid and late morning on Friday where temperatures may hover near freezing. Elsewhere across Western and Central Mass, the precipitation type looks to be all rain with no ice issues.

Rainfall amounts late tonight through Friday morning will average around one half of an inch.

Temperatures tonight will fall back to around 35 Degrees across most areas. The exception may be across the northern Worcester Hills where temperatures look to fall back to near 32 Degrees.

Temperatures during Friday will remain between 35 and 40 Degrees. The exception looks to be across the northern Worcester Hills where temperatures will remain in the low to mid 30s.

Winds during tonight and Friday will be northerly at 5 to 10 mph.

Enough Snow To Plow, Shovel & Snow Blow Is Possible From Sunday Afternoon Through Monday Morning: I am closely monitoring a storm system that has the potential to bring the entire area a round of accumulating snow beginning Sunday afternoon through Sunday night and Monday morning.

This is a storm that we’ve been alerting our weather consulting clients about since Monday Afternoon allowing them to have an extra early heads-up so that they can start planning operations and personnel. Interested in becoming a weather consulting client of mine so that you can be alerted before anyone else? Much more information can be found at .

An area of low pressure is expected to develop over the southeastern United States during Saturday and then move northeastward tracking to the south of New England by Sunday night. This storm system is likely to run into an atmosphere where temperatures are above freezing and because of this precipitation will probably start as rain.

Colder air draining southward from a big high pressure system over Quebec province will lead to a changeover from rain to snow. How quickly this occurs is going to be important in determining how much snow accumulates with this storm system.

As of right now, I think that most areas will start out as rain during Sunday afternoon. The exception may be across the northern Worcester Hills and the Berkshires where temperatures may be cold enough for all snow to occur during Sunday afternoon.

Rain then looks to change to snow across all of Central Mass and across the Hilltowns of Western Mass during Sunday evening. Across the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass, the precipitation looks to remain as rain during Sunday evening.

By later Sunday night, rain changes to snow across the Pioneer Valley with snow continuing across the rest of the area. This snow then lasts through Monday morning before ending around midday.

Possible Snow Amounts: The least amounts of snow may occur across the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass where perhaps 1 to 2 inches of accumulations could occur. The highest amounts of snow could occur across the Berkshires and the northern Worcester Hills where possible amounts of up to 6 inches could occur. In-between these two areas, the rest of the area may end up with a very wet 3 to 5 inches of snow accumulation.

This is a storm that I am going to be keep close tabs on and will have more updates over the next couple of days or so.

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