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Tailored Weather Insights for Informed Decision-Making

I am reaching out to you to offer a specialized weather forecasting service that goes beyond the generic information available on popular websites and local stations. I believe that my tailored services are a cost-saving essential for your business.

How do Accurate Weather Conditions Help Your Business?

In essence, accurate weather information empowers local businesses to make informed

decisions. A precise weather forecast enables businesses to not only implement safety

measures, but also helps enhance operational efficiency. Outdoor businesses especially can

optimize resource allocation based on weather predictions, ensuring that they have the right

personnel and equipment when conditions are unfavorable. This can save time, money,

resources, and make game-time decision making easier.

What’s the Offer? A Meteorologist in Your Back Pocket!

Route 20 Weather can be your personal consultant/vendor for specific weather insights tailored to your needs. This is in addition to the generalized forecasts already available on our website and Facebook page.

I offer a proactive approach to weather concerns so you can plan for your business

accordingly. These services encompass:

● Immediate and exclusive access to Route 20 Weather for real-time responses (from a

real person) to your business's weather concerns

● Exact commencement and conclusion times of storms

● Timing of worst parts of storms

● Precipitation types and amounts

● Regular updates on weather conditions

● Flexibility in catering to your weather-related information needs!

“Why choose Route 20 Weather? I already have a weather app.”

I epitomize local expertise! Residing in the same communities I serve, I go beyond

conventional weather channels and generic apps, offering unparalleled insights into the unique weather dynamics of our local towns. It’s no secret that the big channels and apps often give us inaccurate weather information for our little towns among the hills. This won’t happen with Route 20 Weather services. Why? Because the face behind Route 20 Weather Services has a level of understanding, as these weather conditions directly affect us as well. We are local people serving the local people. In addition, I use many tools and services to provide accurate information, while apps and local weather stations typically rely on a single weather forecast model.

Simply put? I am committed to accurate weather predictions for local areas in a way that

other vendors aren’t.

Just imagine the advantage your business could gain by having insights that reflect the unique weather conditions of our area.

Or take it from a couple of recent clients of ours…

“Your forecasts have been very good and extremely helpful. Spot on a few weeks ago with the timing of the potential freeze. We typically do not work the Friday before Monday holidays so being able to send a group message for my crew to be in a certain time so we can be on the roads treating before the ice came was fantastic. Overtime can be very costly for the residents . Again thanks for everything.” - Brimfield DPW Director ”I held day shift over yesterday because your forcecast seemed to indicate we might need some extra help between 3 pm and 4 pm. Sure enough- we had a tree down across Holland Road due to the heavy winds. We had two cops tied up on that for about an hour. The rest of us were free to answer calls if needed. Once the storm subsided in Sturbridge, I sent everyone home.


Just thought you’d want to know your forecast made a difference in how I managed the afternoon.” - Sergeant With Sturbridge Police Department 


So, are you ready to save your business time and money by having the most accurate,

local weather information?

Let Route 20 Weather be your guide to precision forecasting.

Contact me at I am eager to discuss your unique requirements and explore how Route 20 Weather can enhance your weather-related decision-making.

Best regards,

Rob Lightbown

Route 20 Weather

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