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A Soaking Rain Is Still Expected From This Afternoon Through Tonight Across Western & Central Mass

For The Rest Of Today Through Tonight: We are in a brief break between the two areas of rain. The first area of rain, which came through late last night, has pushed into northern New England. A second area of heavy rain is rapidly moving northward from off of the Mid-Atlantic states and is expected to reach Western and Central Mass by about 1 to 2 pm this afternoon. Once that rain reaches our area by early this afternoon, it’ll continue throughout this afternoon and all of tonight. The rain is also expected to be heavy at times this afternoon and tonight. In addition to this, a few thunderstorms could accompany the heavy rainfall, especially across areas east of I-91 late this afternoon and this evening. The rain is expected to come to an end very late tonight and early Sunday morning. Additional rainfall amounts the rest of today through tonight will average between 1 and 2 inches. Localized poor drainage and urban flooding is likely, especially given the fact that many storm drains are clogged with fallen leaves. Also, roads are likely to be very slippery the rest of today through tonight in areas where the roads are covered with wet leaves. High temperatures this afternoon will be near 60 Degrees. Low temperatures tonight will be near 55 Degrees. Trick-Or-Treat Weather Forecast Late This Afternoon & This Evening: I know that some towns are doing trick-or-treating late this afternoon and this evening instead of Sunday and unfortunately the weather looks downright miserable. The weather for late this afternoon and this evening looks very wet with moderate to heavy rain expected along with the possibility of a few thunderstorms. Temperatures during the late afternoon will be between 55 and 60 Degrees and temperatures this evening will be near 55 Degrees. Sunday (Halloween) Forecast: That entire stormy weather system will pull away into Atlantic Canada during Sunday, however, some leftover moisture will lead to a mixture of sunshine and clouds throughout the day Sunday. In addition, a few scattered showers are possible during Sunday afternoon, especially in the Berkshires and the hilltowns of Western Mass and also in the Worcester Hills. High temperatures Sunday will be between 60 and 65 Degrees. For Sunday night, an isolated shower or two is possible early in the evening, otherwise, Sunday night is expected to be generally partly cloudy. Low temperatures Sunday night will be near 45 Degrees. Trick-Or-Treat Weather Forecast Late Sunday Afternoon & Sunday Evening: Partly cloudy skies with scattered showers late in the afternoon decreasing to isolated showers during the evening. Temperatures during the late afternoon will be between 58 and 62 Degrees and temperatures during Sunday evening will be near 55 Degrees. Monday Through Thursday: Monday looks like it’ll be the nicest day of next week with lots of sunshine expected and high temperatures between 55 and 60 Degrees. Monday night will be clear to partly cloudy with low temperatures between 35 and 40 Degrees. Starting on Tuesday and continuing through the end of next week, the temperatures are expected to become progressively colder and the entire weather pattern may become progressively stormier. A mixture of sunshine and clouds looks likely for Tuesday and there may be a passing rain shower or two in the hills. High temperatures Tuesday will be between 50 and 55 Degrees. A weak area of low pressure looks to pass well southeast of the area on Wednesday. At this point, it appears that it should be far enough offshore to give us any problems. So, Wednesday looks partly sunny with high temperatures between 45 and 50 Degrees. A widespread frost and freeze looks very likely for Wednesday night across all of Western and Central Mass with low temperatures of near 30 Degrees expected. A piece of atmospheric energy is expected to move through the area during Thursday bringing some scattered rain showers to the Connecticut River Valley and the Blackstone Valley and a few snow showers over the Worcester Hills, the hilltowns of Western Mass and the Berkshires. High temperatures Thursday will be near 45 Degrees. Potential Storm To Really Watch For Possible Snow Chances Friday Into Next Saturday: Turning to late next week into next weekend, the weather forecast is extremely uncertain as there is plenty of data to suggest that there’s going to be a coastal storm to really keep an eye on. The big unknowns right now are the exact track, how far inland any rain or snow can make it into Western and Central Mass and how cold will the temperatures be. The possibilities are everything from a storm track near or just south of Nantucket to a storm that stays well south of our area. A storm track near the south coast of New England and Nantucket would mean everything from rain in the Connecticut River Valley and the Blackstone Valley to accumulating snow in the Berkshires and the Worcester Hills from Friday into next Saturday. Meanwhile, a storm track that stays well south of our area would lead to dry, but cold weather for late next week and next weekend. Given that our big move from Springfield to Sturbridge occurs from Friday to next Sunday, I am fully rooting for an out to sea track or a track that brings all rain to the entire area. We have enough logistics to deal with and adding in accumulating snow to the mix would be a nightmare. Anyways, my current thinking is for perhaps a storm track that takes the low pressure system just southeast of Nantucket on Friday afternoon and Friday night and then towards Nova Scotia on Saturday. A track like this could mean some accumulating snow along and east of I-84 and also near and south of the Mass Pike in Central Mass. Elsewhere, this type of storm track would be far enough away for much of Western Mass to remain dry with dry weather also possible across northern parts of Worcester County. This is just an educated guess at this point and A LOT can change in the forecast between now and late next week. At this point, it’s nothing to be concerned about (truth be told, it personally makes me nervous given our move late next week and next weekend), but it is something to certainly keep an eye on.

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We haven't had our first major frost yet. Plants are still thriving.

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