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Western & Central Mass Weather Outlook For January & February

First, Happy New Year!!

If you love or even like snow, you are going to LOVE this outlook. If you hate snow & winter, I AM SORRY!!

There are strong indicators in the overall weather pattern that point towards one that is favorable for fairly frequent snowfalls across the region, especially between January 15 and March 1. This pattern looks MUCH different than the last 2 winters & is more reminiscent of the 2010-11, 2014-15 and 2016-17 winters. A large upper level high pressure block is currently setting up shop over far northern Canada. This, combined, with weakening La Nina conditions will lead to a storm track that favors storms either moving up the East Coast of the United States or secondary storm development near the Cape that heads for Nova Scotia. What this means is that I think that we will probably see a string of winter storms that brings snow and/or ice to Western and Central Mass throughout January and February (yes, I know it snows in Mass during the Winter, but this looks like a particularly favorable pattern). I am really tuned in on the period between January 15 and March 1 for at least 5 storms that bring at least 5 inches of snow to the area. I also think that a couple of these storms could be significant to major winter storms. Bottom line is that it looks like I will be very busy during January and February tracking winter storms & that snow removal companies will probably be busy plowing during January and February. As I already mentioned, this looks to be a MUCH different weather pattern than what we saw last winter and looks much more like a pattern that leads to an active and busy winter.

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Jay Engelhardt
Jay Engelhardt
01 ene 2021

Thank you! And Happy new year from Hubbardston!

Me gusta
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