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Thunderstorms Expected Tonight & Friday Across Western & Central Mass

Buckle up, it could be a long night for thunderstorms, especially across Western Mass.

Radar imagery as of the time of this writing showed a line of strong to severe thunderstorms that stretched from northeast to southwest across central New York State. In addition, other thunderstorms are now developing over the Hudson Valley of eastern New York State.

It is anticipated that thunderstorms should move into the Berkshires around the 6-7 pm time frame and then potentially reach the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass around the 9 pm time frame.

Beyond this, thunderstorms should push into the western Worcester Hills and the I-84 corridor towards about 11 pm this evening and then head across the rest of Central Mass around midnight or so.

These storms have the potential to produce wind gusts of 45-65 mph, penny to quarter size hail, extremely heavy rainfall and frequent lightning.

The torrential downpours will likely produce flash flooding of streets, highways, underpasses, urban areas and areas of poor drainage. Given how utterly saturated the ground is, the flash flood threat is something that will be watched extremely closely.

The thunderstorms are expected to come to an end first across Western Mass around midnight and then across Central Mass by about 3 am or so.

Friday looks like it's going to be quite the stormy day with multiple rounds of thunderstorms likely.

Current indications point towards a round of a few isolated thunderstorms during the morning with much more widespread thunderstorms expected from mid-afternoon Friday until about midnight Friday night.

Once again, the thunderstorms, especially during Friday afternoon and Friday evening will be capable of producing wind gusts of 45-65 mph, penny to quarter size hail, frequent lightning and extremely heavy downpours. Flash flooding is going to be a definite concern with the storms Friday and is something that'll be watched closely.

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