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The Tale Of A Busted Weather Forecast - MUCH Less Snow Is Now Expected Late This Afternoon & Tonight

An area of low pressure now located to the east of the Virginia coast is expected to head northeastward over the next 24 to 36 hours. It looks like we will see MUCH less snow than what was previously thought. This is a “busted” forecast for me & I’m not happy about it at all. Not getting a forecast right is easily the number one most frustrating things about forecasting the weather. So, why the big change in the forecast – there are several reasons: The first reason is that it is expected that there will be a lack of any forcing or energy to produce any sort of bands of moderate or heavy snow and instead we will be left with a system that produces light snow or very light snow in intensity. The second reason is that we may see an intrusion of dry air late tonight into Monday that will end the snow much earlier than previously thought. It looks like the moisture that produces the snow will dry up as soon as it enters Southern New England. Areas to our west across southern New York State and northern Pennsylvania will probably enter up with 2 to 4 inches of snow while we end up with an inch or two at the very most for accumulation. The third reason is that the track of the low pressure system will be further east than what was thought even yesterday at this time. This will cause the bulk of the precipitation and moisture with this system to remain well east of our area. Here Is My Latest Forecast: Light snow is expected to overspread Western and Central Mass by mid-afternoon today. Light snow is then expected to continue through this evening before it begins to come to an end from northwest to southeast after midnight tonight. In fact, it will probably not be snowing at all by the time dawn breaks on Monday morning. Total Snow Accumulations Of 1 To 2 inches can be expected across most of Western and Central Mass and this may be even way overdone for a snowfall forecast in some areas! This upcoming week looks storm free with the next chance for a storm to watch around Saturday (January 9) or so.

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