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Smoke From Wildfires In Canada Will Affect The Weather This Afternoon Through Wednesday

Even though there's expected to be lots of sunshine to start the day across the region, smoke from some big wildfires across southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada will push westward into Central Mass this afternoon and then eventually Western Mass later this afternoon.

The amount of smoke is something that will need to be watched closely as it could affect not only visibility, but also could become an air quality issue as well.

Current indications point towards smoke from those wildfires moving westward into Central Mass first near and south of the Mass Pike during the first half of this afternoon and then overspreading areas of Central Mass that are north of the Mass Pike during late this afternoon.

This smoke will then overspread Western Mass during the very late afternoon and early evening hours of today.

In addition, the smoke could become fairly dense in the atmosphere around sunset today across the entire region. This may lead to not only a really vibrant sunset, but it could also lead to lowered visibility and a very smoky smell with air quality issues possible. These reduced visibilities and air quality issues look to continue across the entire area throughout tonight. Those of you with health issues in terms of breathing, including asthma, emphysema and COPD need to take great care from late this afternoon through tonight with the smoke in the atmosphere. Stay inside if you can.

The smoke is expected to persist through the day on Wednesday across all of Western and Central Mass. This will lead to very hazy skies and the possibility of reduced visibilities and air quality issues.

High temperatures today will be between 70 and 75 Degrees. Low temperatures tonight will be near 45 Degrees. High temperatures Wednesday will be around 80 Degrees.

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