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Rain Is Beginning To Change To Freezing Rain Across Western & Central Mass

What an absolutely ugly morning out there across Western and Central Mass.

Temperatures across the region range between 31 Degrees and 35 Degrees depending on your location.

It is still raining here in Sturbridge with a temperature of around the 32-33 Degree mark.

If you have any icing reports to share, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

I think that we will see temperatures fall into the 20s across the upper Pioneer Valley of Western Mass as well as across a majority of Central Mass by about 11 am or so.

Across the lower Pioneer Valley, temperatures may be much slower to fall and may remain near 30 Degrees right through this afternoon. This could limit the amount of ice accumulations here.

This all means that we should see a transition over to freezing rain everywhere across Western and Central Mass over the next couple of hours or so. This freezing rain is expected to continue into at least early this afternoon before it begins to transition over to sleet.

Sleet is then expected across the entire area into early this evening before it ends around the 6-7 pm time frame.

Ice accumulations are expected to range from around one tenth of an inch or so in the lower Pioneer Valley of Western Mass to upwards of one quarter of an inch of ice across the upper Pioneer Valley and across most of, if not all of Central Mass.

Sleet amounts this afternoon will average between 1 and 2 inches.

Finally, I'm kind of concerned that the freezing rain could last longer than what I'm currently forecasting. The reason why I think this is because the mid-levels of the atmosphere could remain warmer than what was originally thought and this more robust warm layer could lead to the freezing rain hanging on through most of this afternoon and not changing to sleet at all. Should this occur, it would mean that we would see significantly higher ice accumulations with amounts of one third to four tenths of an inch not out of the question. This is something that I'm going to be keeping a very close eye on.

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