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Quiet Weather Expected Through Wednesday Across Western & Central Mass

The weather for the next few days (through Wednesday) looks quiet with no weather issues expected.

Skies during the day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be sunny to partly sunny with high temperatures in the 60s. Skies at night for tonight, Monday night and Tuesday night will be clear to partly cloudy with low temperatures in the 40s.

The weather at the end of this coming week looks very active as a strong cold front is expected to push across the area later Thursday night into the daytime hours of Friday.

There's likely to be a pretty tight pressure gradient and a lot of moisture associated with the front when it moves through the region. Additionally, there's the possibility that a wave of low pressure could form along the front as it moves through, which could lead to even more moisture and energy to be associated with the front.

What this all means is that widespread heavy showers and some thunderstorm activity will overspread Western and Central Mass during Thursday evening and then continuing through the overnight hours of Thursday night and into Friday morning. I will be closely watching for the following threats with this strong cold front -

- Heavy rain with total rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches with locally higher amounts Thursday night and Friday morning.

- Strong southerly winds of 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 mph expected on Thursday night. This could lead to pretty significant leaf stripping event due to the strong winds. The combination of heavy rain and fallen leaves could lead to slippery road conditions Thursday night and Friday morning.

- Possibility for a couple of strong to severe thunderstorms.. It looks possible that a sharp line of thunderstorms could accompany the cold front late Thursday night and Friday morning. These thunderstorms could tap into the stronger winds aloft and lead to some very gusty winds on the order of 45-60 mph as they move through.

The late week weather is something that I'll be watching closely and will have updates for you as needed.

FINALLY - My forecasts are now on the radio - internet radio, that is. I am collaborating with The Oldies Warehouse, which is based out of Sturbridge. You can hear my latest forecasts for Western and Central Mass at around 20 and 50 past every hour.

Search for the Oldies Warehouse Internet Radio Station on either Live365 or Get Me Radio or you can listen to it at .

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