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Thunderstorms Likely Between 5:30 & 8 pm This Evening

Quick update on the expected time line of when a line of thunderstorms will push through the region with some of these storms potentially strong to severe.

At the time of this writing (3:25 pm), a line of strong to severe thunderstorms is now entering eastern New York State and is expected to move into the Berkshires by about 5 pm. From there, here is an updated time line of when storms are expected -

Pioneer Valley of Western Mass: 5:30 pm.

Western Worcester Hills & I-84 corridor: 6 pm.

I-190, I-395, Route 140 & 146 corridors & Worcester Metro: 6:30 pm.

I-495 corridor: 7 pm.

All storms look to be out of the area by 8 pm.

Since these storms will arrive a couple of hours earlier than previously forecast, it is expected that they may still have a punch to them as far east as I-495 and even 128.

This means that the thunderstorms that move through Western Mass during the 5:30-6 pm time frame and Central Mass during the 6-7 pm time frame may be strong to severe with wind gusts of up to 65 mph, frequent lightning and torrential downpours.

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