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Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Will Move Across Western & Central Mass During The Next Several Hours

I am closely watching a line of strong to severe thunderstorms that have just entered far northwestern Mass. This entire line is generally pushing to the east at a forward speed of about 25 mph.

Based on the current forward movement of this line of strong to severe thunderstorms, it looks like these storms will reach the upper Pioneer Valley of Western Mass around 5:30 pm and then push into the lower Pioneer Valley of Western Mass and also across northern Worcester County during the 6:30-7 pm time frame. From there, these thunderstorms look to push eastward reaching the Worcester Hills during the 7-7:30 pm time frame and then areas from metro Worcester to Sturbridge by about 7:30 pm or so. These storms will then push into the I-495 corridor as we get into 8 to 8:30 pm or so.

The main threat from any of these strong to severe thunderstorms will be 45 to 60 mph wind gusts. In addition, some hail is also possible with some of the strongest cells. Finally, very heavy rainfall with localized flooding and frequent lightning will also be a threat.

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