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Snow Continues This Afternoon & Tonight Especially Across Central Mass

We are in a intermission right across most of the area. What we're now waiting on is the snow from the developing storm system that's now located off of the Mid-Atlantic coast.

I expect that snow will fill back in across all of Central Mass probably by about 2-3 pm this afternoon. Across Western Mass, very light snow will fill in again across mainly the lower Pioneer Valley while only a few snow flurries are expected across the upper Pioneer Valley.

The snow is actually expected to end across Western Mass by early this evening with the snow continuing across all of Central Mass through all of tonight. The further east you head across Worcester County, the more snow accumulation you will receive later this afternoon and tonight.

Snow will end everywhere across Central Mass around sunrise or so Monday morning.

The attached map is my forecast for additional amounts of snow for this afternoon and tonight on top of what's already accumulated.

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