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Mid-Morning Snow Update

The radar image I’ve attached shows where it’s snowing and where it probably won’t snow at all.

To the north and northwest of where I drew the black line is where dry air is encroaching and thus it’s barely snowing at all.

To the south and southeast of the line is where it’s snowing at a moderate rate in many areas. I’ve picked up 3 inches of snow so far here in Sturbridge.

I do think that it will continue to snow through midday across most of Central Mass with additional snow amounts ranging from about one inch across northern Worcester County to 2 to 3 more inches of snow across areas near and south of I-290. This includes areas around the Mass Pike, I-84, I-395 and Route 146. In fact, the Route 146 corridor may end up with 3 to 5 more inches of snow.

All snow looks to come to an end around midday across Western Mass and northern Worcester County and by about 2-3 pm across Central and Southern Worcester County.

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12:30 pm northern part of Sturbridge

6 inches of snow has fallen and it is very light snow, not much water in it, and relatively easy to shovel. Some very light snow still falling.


I'm in Webster & it's snowing pretty good here. Although I swear the snowflakes look smaller than they did earlier!? Is that even possible? Or make sense? I haven't ventured outside yet, so I don't know how much we've gotten so far. But I'm definitely curious to see how many inches are out there & will make my way to find out soon☃️❄️🌨🌬


I’m in Sturbridge too and we have 6” already and it is still snowing at a pretty good clip now at 10:45 am.


It's coming down pretty strong here in Spencer. At 10am, we have about 4-5" so far.

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