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Latest Forecast For Monday’s Solar Eclipse Across Western & Central Mass

For Tonight: Any leftover clouds will gradually dissipate a little after sunset this evening with clear skies expected during the overnight hours of tonight.

Low temperatures will be near 35 Degrees. Winds will be West to Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Forecast For Monday’s Solar Eclipse: There are some changes with the forecast for tomorrow’s solar eclipse.

First for our area, it appears that while skies will start out bright and sunny, some high thin clouds will push into the area during the afternoon. These thin cirrus clouds shouldn’t be thick enough to obscure the sun during the eclipse, so it still looks hopeful. As for the eclipse itself, while we will not see full 100 percent totality here in Western & Central Mass, we will see anywhere between 92% and 94% totality with the peak of the eclipse occurring between 3:25 pm and 3:30 pm.

High temperatures will be between 60 and 65 Degrees. Winds will be West to Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Those of you traveling north or west to see totality should know that the weather forecast has changed some across northern New Hampshire, northern Vermont and northern New York State. It’s looking like high clouds will be moving into the area during the afternoon with the thickest of the high clouds across northern New York with thinner high clouds across northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire. My recommendation, if you are able to, is to be prepared to travel further east at the last moment as the weather looks more favorable towards northern New Hampshire than northern New York State.

As far as northern Maine, the weather continues to look very favorable to see the total eclipse of the sun. Plenty of sunshine looks likely across northern Maine.

As far as western New York State and northwestern Pennsylvania, the weather does not look favorable, unfortunately, with the potential for completely cloudy skies.

A couple of other things – There is nothing dangerous about being outside during the eclipse. Eclipses are not dangerous. Looking directly at the sun without protective glasses is dangerous, so as long as you use either protective glasses or a piece of welder’s glass, you’re good.

Also, there is nothing dangerous about having your pets outdoors during the eclipse. They are not at all interested in looking at the sun and it’ll be just like a normal day to them.

Tuesday: An area of high pressure is expected to control the weather throughout Tuesday with partly sunny skies expected. High temperatures will range from between 55 and 60 Degrees across Central Mass to near 70 Degrees across Western Mass. Winds will be East to Northeast at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday: A warm front is expected to push through the area during the afternoon.

This means that Wednesday looks cloudy and there will be some showers during the afternoon. High temperatures will be between 50 and 55 Degrees.

Thursday Through Friday: The end of this coming week looks wet as a robust area of low pressure heads northeast into the eastern Great Lakes region.

Rain looks to overspread the entire area during Thursday afternoon with rain, heavy at times, expected to continue through all of Thursday night and Friday.

High temperatures Thursday will be near 55 Degrees. Temperatures Thursday night will be near 50 Degrees. High temperatures Friday will be near 60 Degrees.

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