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Hot & Humid Weather Continues Through Friday; Thunderstorms Possible Thursday Afternoon & Friday Afternoon Across Western & Central Mass

Okay, it is REALLY hot and humid out there!! At the time of this writing (about 3 pm), we have a temperature of 92 Degrees, a dew point temperature of 75 Degrees and a heat index reading of 104 Degrees here in Sturbridge - Wow!!

Unfortunately, this heat and humidity is going to be with us during Thursday and Friday before it breaks a bit this weekend.

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies are expected and it’ll be warm and quite humid. Low temperatures will be between 65 and 70 Degrees. Winds will be Southwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday: Another miserably hot and humid day is expected on Thursday with high temperatures of around 95 Degrees and heat index readings of 100 to 105 Degrees.

I’m going to be keeping close tabs on the potential for some late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. At this point, I think the northern Worcester Hills have the best shot at seeing a few thunderstorms, some of which may be on the strong side with gusty winds, heavy downpours and frequent lightning. Further south, an isolated thunderstorm or two could make it as far south as the Mass Pike corridor, but a majority of the scattered late afternoon and evening thunderstorms should stay north of the Mass Pike.

Friday: Hot and humid weather continues throughout the day on Friday with expected high temperatures of 85 to 90 Degrees.

There’s likely to be scattered showers and thunderstorms across the entire area beginning during the early afternoon hours and continuing throughout the afternoon.

This Weekend: Saturday looks cloudy and there will be some scattered showers around from time to time. High temperatures Saturday will be near 75 Degrees.

Sunday looks to feature a mixture of sunshine and clouds and there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms around during the afternoon and evening. High temperatures will be between 80 and 85 Degrees.

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🥵Holy Hannah it's ridiculously hot & humid out there🌡It's currently 89° with a dewpoint of73° in Webster @ 5:30 this evening. At least yesterday there was a decent breeze that was moving the air pretty frequently. Not today though! It's just thick as soup wherever there's no wonderful AC blowing cool/cold and comfortable air around! It's one thing when it's hot out. But it is only June 19th and we're already having an actual heatwave. Plus on top of it being in the 90°s for 3 days straight, the dewpoint is stupidly high for those 3 days too! Those two factors are guilty of creating it to feel like it's around 100°~105°! Places like Arizona will reach triple digits many…

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