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Heavy Rain Continues Until Early This Evening Across Western & Central Mass

Heavy rain is now moving into the region at the time of this writing.

Temperatures across the region range from the mid 30s south of the Mass Pike to near 32 Degrees across many areas that are north of the Mass Pike. This means that icing continues to accumulate on trees and wires across many areas of the Worcester Hills as well as across the hills that surround the Connecticut River Valley, while all roads are wet, but ice free. This icing on trees and wires has led to some reports of downed wires with scattered power outages being reported in some towns in the Worcester Hills.

Heavy rain is expected to continue for the next several hours before lightening up in intensity by about 7-8 pm or so.

This heavy rain will lead to extensive ponding of water on roads and poor drainage and urban flood issues. Also, additional icing on trees and wires is likely in the Worcester Hills, especially the northern Worcester Hills and in the hilltowns that surround the Connecticut River Valley. This additional icing could lead to more downed wires and trees leading to additional power outage issues.

As the rain moves out this evening, colder air looks to push into the region leading to a change from rain to sleet and snow across areas that are north of the Mass Pike. This changeover to sleet and snow looks to occur first across Western Mass by about 8 pm and then across Central Mass during the 8-9 pm time frame or so. The snow and sleet that falls will be brief and will end by 10-11 pm and any accumulations will amount to a dusting to perhaps one inch or so.

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