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Heat & Humidity Will Persist Throughout The Rest Of This Week Across Western & Central Mass

Lots of sunshine is expected for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with increasing heat and humidity as the week progresses. High temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday will be between 85 and 90 Degrees. High temperatures Thursday will be between 90 and 95 Degrees. It is expected that a slow moving frontal boundary will make its way across the region as we get into late Friday into the weekend. This means that there looks to be some scattered showers and thunderstorms for Friday afternoon and Friday evening. On and off showers with isolated thunderstorms look to be a threat for Saturday and Sunday. Turning to next week and beyond - Focus may have to turn to the tropics as what's likely to become Tropical Storm and then Hurricane Lee may be lurking well to the south by early next week. It looks like an upper level trough of low pressure may set up again across the eastern United States by early next week leading to this storm to be booted out into the open Atlantic. That said, I want to point out that any “guaranteed” forecast of this system not being a threat to anyone or a “guaranteed” forecast of it being a threat/hit to some part of the US East Coast should not be believed at all. We are talking about a forecast that’s still 10-plus days away and a lot can change in the weather pattern between now and then. Any model guidance forecast for an upper-level weather pattern for a week away is not set in stone. Some things in the weather pattern that we’re going to have to watch include part of that eastern US trough cutting off this weekend into next week and a stronger than forecast high pressure ridge over Atlantic Canada. Should this occur, it would block future Lee from heading out into the North Atlantic. In fact, I wouldn’t trust any model forecast on the location and strength of future Lee this far out. I also wouldn’t trust any model forecast with the placement and orientation of troughs of low pressure and ridges of high pressures this far out. Low pressure troughs can be lures as well as deflectors of tropical systems, depending on their strength and location. For now though, I think that its possible that far eastern New England, including the Cape and Downeast Maine may really need to watch the progress of this system as it could be a very serious threat to you for late next week and next weekend (September 15-17 period).

For Western and Central Mass, I don't see future-Lee being a serious threat at this time. That said, this is not a sure thing either and it's a system that does merit close watching.

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