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Become A Route 20 Weather Consulting Client For Very Detailed, Specific & Localized Weather Updates

Are You A: - Town/City Department Head (DPW Director, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Town Manager, etc.) - Property Management Company Owner - Contractor that does outdoor work for your clients. - Construction company owner - A business owner that needs to make closing decisions based on weather conditions. - Someone that heavily relies on the weather & needs specific & very localized weather guidance & weather updates. Contact me at for more information & prices, so that you can hire me as your own "personalized" meteorologist. Our current clients include 5 local Central Mass towns and 2 local Central Mass businesses. They are currently receiving frequent updates on every storm that affects our area. I know you're going to say, why should we pay you for a weather forecast? I have my phone app or I can look on the internet for the latest weather forecasts. Well I can tell you that the weather app on your smart phone or tablet is going to be wrong 99 percent of the time because it's based on only one weather model. As for the local news stations - Their forecasts are usually too generalized & seem to be focused either inside the 495 corridor or geared more towards the Springfield-Hartford Metro. Their forecasts, oftentimes, are not geared towards the hilltowns of Central and Western Mass where the weather can be much, much different than MetroWest or Boston, Springfield & Hartford. This is why you need someone that will always be in your corner and is ALWAYS looking at the weather. Let me help you make those decisions based on the latest weather information. If you're interested, contact me at Finally, if you're "on the fence" still on hiring me for weather consulting, consider that our past forecasts for clients have given them the opportunity to prepare earlier than others and not have to rush staffing and equipment. Also, the feedback from my consulting work has been extremely positive. One comment I received last winter from a local Central Mass town DPW director was as follows, “Your forecasts have been very good and extremely helpful. Spot on a few weeks ago with the timing of the potential freeze. We typically do not work the Friday before Monday holidays so being able to send a group message for my crew to be in a certain time so we can be on the roads treating before the ice came was fantastic. Overtime can be very costly for the residents . Again thanks for everything.” Interested? Contact me at with questions and for more information.

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