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Weekend Weather Forecast For Western & Central Mass

Tonight: Skies will start out partly cloudy this evening, but will become cloudy during the after midnight hours of tonight. Low temperatures tonight will be between 45 and 50 Degrees.

Saturday looks a little bit wetter than previously thought. Skies will be cloudy throughout the day and there will be some isolated showers roaming around the region. Most of the isolated showers will occur across Central Mass with dry weather possible across Western Mass. These showers on Saturday will be very hit or miss and shouldn't last long at any one location. High temperatures will be between 55 and 60 Degrees.

Sunday will be cloudy and it should be dry everywhere across the region. High temperatures will be near 60 Degrees.

Monday Through Wednesday: The first half of next week looks dry with partly sunny skies expected on Monday and sunny skies expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures Monday will be near 70 Degrees. High temperatures Tuesday will be between 75 and 80 Degrees. High temperatures Wednesday will be near 80 Degrees.

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