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Another Update On Today's Snowfall

It looks like I'm going to decrease the snow amounts even more with some hesitation.

While the latest weather forecast guidance is showing an even further offshore storm track with virtually no snow across much of Western Mass and any meaningful snow limited to southeastern parts of Worcester County. The latest radar imagery is showing snow now blossoming from southeastern New York State into western and southern Connecticut. This is actually ahead timeline wise of what even the most recent weather guidance is showing. These trends in the radar data and actual weather reports is something that'll need to be watched closely, in case we see more of a overperforming system. We are now into the "nowcasting" part of the storm.

HERE ARE MY LATEST THOUGHTS AS OF 2 AM TUESDAY: Snow is expected to overspread much of Central Mass and the lower Pioneer Valley of Western Mass around sunrise or so this morning.

Steady snow is then expected throughout the day today.

The intensity of the snow will depend on where you're located. Areas of far southern and southeastern Worcester County may still see periods of moderate snow from mid-late morning into early afternoon while the rest of Worcester County and the lower Pioneer Valley stays as light snow all day long. Areas of the central and northern Pioneer Valley may not snow at all today.

The snow is then expected to come to an end from west to east starting with the lower Pioneer Valley of Western Mass by early afternoon and then across Central Mass by mid-afternoon today.

Our UPDATED snowfall forecast map for this storm is attached to this post.

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3 comentarios

I'm bummed that we're not getting the high snow totals that ot looked like we were getting as of yesterday. But, happy to be getting something☃️

Me gusta

Yes, thank you for your efforts. Forecasting is, of course, a challenge. But your efforts also to keep folks updated to keep up with changes certainly is appreciated.

Me gusta

Thank you so much for all your updates!!

Me gusta
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