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2-3 Inches Of Rain With Local Amounts Of 4-6 Inches Expected Rest Of Today Through Tonight & Tue.

Extremely heavy rain continues to fall across parts of Central Mass and especially along the Mass Pike from about Brimfield eastward through Sturbridge to Auburn and Grafton. Heavy rain is also now occurring across much of the Worcester Metro and is also now pushing into the I-395 corridor from Oxford to Webster.

2 to 3 inch per hour rainfall rates are occurring with this heavy rain and is leading to considerable street, highway and urban flooding. Also, the combination of heavy rain and fog is leading to very poor travel conditions across the areas I just mentioned.

I can attest that there was considerable ponding on the roads here in Sturbridge during the heavy rain that fell here since 8:40 am. In fact, I have recorded a quick 1.32 inches of rain.

This is just the start of it as rain, moderate to heavy at times, is expected the rest of today through tonight and through all day Tuesday across all of Western & Central Mass.

Widespread total rainfall amounts of 2 to 3 inches are expected with local amounts of 4 to 6 inches of rain are possible in persistent bands of rain.

Any reports of flooding would be greatly appreciated. Also, please use extreme caution on area roads as ponding and flooding of roads are going to be an issue, especially in areas that receive intense rains for a while.

More updates will be sent out as needed.

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