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10 pm Friday Evening Weather Update For Western & Central Mass

Quick update to let you know that light snow has begun across the area. This is much earlier than previously expected and this is a huge surprise. The reason why is because the atmosphere is currently very dry with dew point temperatures of between zero and 10 Degrees. Usually we need the difference between temperature and dew point temperature to be much closer to together for it to snow. Anyways, snow is now expected to occur for the next several hours and will accumulate on all surfaces of around one inch. There is the possibility that areas north of the Mass Pike will see up to 2 inches of snow accumulation over the next few hours. This snow will change to freezing rain and sleet probably by about 2-3 am or so with freezing rain and sleet continuing until about 8-10 am or so Saturday morning when it’ll change to all rain. Given the earlier start of the precipitation this evening, it appears that ice amounts of around one tenth of an inch looks likely across the entire area late tonight into Saturday morning. This combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain will lead to slippery roads, slippery parking lots and slippery driveways. Use caution if you are out and about the rest of tonight into the first part of Saturday morning. Heavy rain is still likely throughout Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening and especially between about 3-4 pm and 8-9 pm. Rainfall totals of between 2.50 inches and 3.50 inches looks likely and this will lead to extensive ponding of water on roads along with urban and poor drainage flooding. In addition, some stream and brook flooding looks quite possible.

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