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1:45 pm Weather Update For Western & Central Mass

The area of heavy rain that affected much of Central Mass over the last few hours is now pushing out of the area. Now, I'm keeping an eye on the development of a couple of lines of showers and thunderstorms that'll deposit even more heavy rain in areas they affect. At the time of this writing, one line is located right along the south bound lane of I-91 in Western Mass. This particular area of showers and thunderstorms is especially worrisome as its going to be falling in an area that's now flooding. Any additional rainfall will only exacerbate the flooding over the western hilltowns of Western Mass. In fact, extremely significant flooding is now occurring in the towns of Williamsburg and Conway. A second very broken area of showers seems to be developing from east-central Connecticut northward into the western Worcester Hills. This area of developing showers and thunderstorms will also need to be watched for any storms reforming over the same areas leading to flooding. Also, the entire length of the Connecticut River in Western Mass and central Connecticut is expected to flood over the next 24 to 36 hours. Minor to moderate flood impacts are currently forecast. I am monitoring things extremely closely and will continue to have updates as needed.

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