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Snow Is A Possibility On Sunday Across Western & Central Mass

For This Afternoon: A weak high pressure system will continue to build into the area leading to a mixture of sunshine and clouds to occur this afternoon. Temperatures will be between 35 and 40 Degrees. Winds will be Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Tonight & Tuesday: That high pressure system will remain in control of the weather throughout tonight and Tuesday.

Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected tonight with low temperatures between 20 and 25 Degrees. Winds will be Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

A sunny day is expected on Tuesday with high temperatures near 40 Degrees. Winds will be West at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday: A sunny to partly sunny day is expected for Wednesday with high temperatures between 40 and 45 Degrees. Winds will be West at 10 to 20 mph.

Thursday: An area of low pressure is expected to track well to the east of New England during Thursday. This storm will be way too far east to bring our area any appreciable amounts of snow or rain.

Instead, it appears that Thursday will be cloudy and there may be some scattered snow showers from late morning through the afternoon hours. High temperatures will be between 35 and 40 Degrees.

Friday & Saturday: An area of high pressure will build into the area throughout Friday and Saturday.

This means that both Friday and Saturday will be sunny to partly sunny. High temperatures Friday will be between 30 and 35 Degrees. High temperatures Saturday will be between 35 and 40 Degrees.

Snow Is A Possibility On Sunday: An area of low pressure is expected to develop over the Gulf of Mexico during the day on Saturday and then track to the northeast. The exact track of this storm system is going to be crucial in determining what sort of impacts we will see here across Western and Central Mass.

As usually the case for a storm that’s still 6 days away, there are no agreement among the weather forecast guidance. Some of the guidance such as the GFS model has trended towards a track well to the south of our area leaving us with little or no snow. Other weather forecast guidance such as the latest Canadian model forecasts a much closer track that takes this storm near the south coast of New England leading to a pretty significant snowfall across the area during the day on Sunday.

At this point, I think this storm system may come just close enough to bring our entire area at least some snow throughout the day on Sunday.

As far as possible snow accumulations, it’s way too soon to really pinpoint any exact forecast snow amounts, but I do think that the potential is there for a widespread 2 to 5 inch snowfall.

This is something that I’ll be refining in the coming days and should it appear this storm could come closer to our area, then snow amounts would need to be increased. Alternatively, if this storm does track further offshore, then much less snow would become possible.

Temperatures during Sunday will be between 30 and 35 Degrees and because of this, it appears that this will likely be a very wet snow.

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