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Scattered Thunderstorms End By 4-4:30 pm With More Thunderstorms Likely Very Late Tonight

A scattering of thunderstorms continues to push northward across Western and Central Mass at the time of this writing. Some of these thunderstorms have had some really heavy downpours. For instance, Worcester Airport recorded a quarter of an inch of rain in 10 minutes time.

It appears that this current batch of thunderstorms will move out of the region by about the 4-4:30 pm time frame. We will then be left in a lull in the action for several hours very late this afternoon and this evening - although, it will be very humid and warm across the region. That said, some additional thunderstorms could affect the Berkshires early this evening.

Beyond this, I think that there's the likelihood for a complex of thunderstorms to affect the region during the very late night hours of tonight into the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday morning.

Current indications are that this complex of thunderstorms, some of them possibly strong, will push into Western Mass by about 2 am or so Tuesday morning and then move into Central Mass around the 2-3 am time frame Tuesday morning. Heavy downpours, frequent lightning and the possibility of very gusty winds will accompany the very late night thunderstorms.

These storms should push out of the area by about 6 am Tuesday morning.

I do apologize in advance if these fireworks from Mother Nature wake you up tonight. I'm sure I'll be up too with some very nervous and scared dogs.

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