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1 To 2 Inches Of Snow Is Expected From Tuesday Afternoon To Wednesday Morning Across Western & Central Mass

For The Rest Of This Afternoon: A cold northwesterly wind flow is expected to continue to affect the region during the rest of this afternoon. This means that lots of sunshine can be expected with temperatures around 20 Degrees. Winds will be Northwest at 10 to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph with wind chill temperatures hovering in the single numbers.

Tonight: Clear skies are expected throughout tonight with low temperatures near 10 Degrees. Winds will be Northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday: It will feel noticeably much milder on Monday as we won’t have the biting northwest wind.

Skies throughout Monday will be partly sunny with high temperatures near 35 Degrees. Wind will be West at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday Night & Tuesday Morning: An area of high pressure will remain in control of the weather during Monday night into Tuesday morning. That said, a southwesterly wind flow will run into the cold air mass leading to an increase in cloudiness.

Skies on Monday night and Tuesday morning will be cloudy. Low temperatures Monday night will be between 25 and 30 Degrees. Winds will be Southwest at 10 to 20 mph. Temperatures during Tuesday morning will gradually rise into the lower 30s.

1 To 2 Inches Of Snow Is Expected From Tuesday Afternoon To Wednesday Morning: An advection of warmer air aloft overrunning the cold air near the surface will lead to light snow occurring beginning during Tuesday afternoon and then continuing through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Light snow looks to overspread the entire area by mid-afternoon Tuesday afternoon which will probably lead to some slippery road conditions during the Tuesday afternoon commute.

Light snow then is expected to continue through all of Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning before it ends as some light freezing rain around late morning Wednesday. This means that another round of some slippery road conditions are likely during the Wednesday morning commute.

Overall, I expect snow amounts to average between 1 and 2 inches across the entire area. That said, some isolated snow amounts of up to 3 inches are possible across the Berkshires and across the northern Worcester Hills and along the Route 2 corridor.

Temperatures during Tuesday afternoon will be near 35 Degrees. Temperatures on Tuesday night will fall back into the 25 to 30 Degree range. Temperatures on Wednesday morning will be in the low 30s.

Wednesday Afternoon & Wednesday Night: A break in the precipitation is expected during Wednesday afternoon, although it will remain cloudy with temperatures near 35 Degrees.

A warm frontal boundary will become stalled near our area beginning on Wednesday night leading to rain to develop across the region by after midnight. I do think that we will need to watch this closely as it’s possible that the cold air near the surface could be tough to scour out leading to light freezing rain to occur instead late Wednesday night. Should this occur, it would affect the Thursday morning commute. Temperatures on Wednesday night will be in the low to mid 30s.

Thursday Through Friday: That warm frontal boundary will remain stationary near our area during Thursday and Friday leading to an extended period of unsettled weather.

On and off rain can be expected throughout Thursday, Thursday night and Friday. Fortunately the rainfall amounts shouldn’t be excessive with total amounts of up to one half of an inch. Temperatures throughout Thursday, Thursday night and Friday will remain between 40 and 45 Degrees.

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