Very Hot & Very Humid Weather Today Through Sunday; Relief Is In Sight For Next Week

For The Rest Of Today: A very hot and very humid rest of the day is expected across Western and Central Mass. Afternoon high temperatures will be between 95 and 100 Degrees with heat index readings of 105 to 110 Degrees which, obviously, will make things feel extremely uncomfortable and extremely miserable in terms of heat and humidity.

Here are the record high temperatures for today and some of these records could either be tied or broken:

Springfield: 101°F set in 1991. Worcester: 92°F set in 1901. Windsor Locks, CT: 100°F set in 1991.

There is the possibility for a very isolated pop up thunderstorm across Western and Central Mass after 4 pm this afternoon. It should be noted that a majority of the area will stay dry, very hot and very humid though.

Tonight: Extremely uncomfortable humidity levels are expected tonight with low temperatures around 75 Degrees.

If any very isolated pop up thunderstorms do form late this afternoon, they will quickly die out around sunset.

Sunday: Another very hot and very humid day is expected on Sunday with afternoon high temperatures of at least 95 Degrees and some locations possibly hitting 100 Degrees. Heat index readings of 105 to 110 Degrees are expected from late Sunday morning through Sunday afternoon.

A weak frontal boundary may push southward from northern New England Sunday afternoon and be a trigger for a couple of thunderstorms during Sunday afternoon. Given the extremely humid air mass, any thunderstorms that do develop will be able to produce heavy downpours, frequent lightning and gusty winds.

Here are the record high temperatures for Sunday and some of these records could also either be tied or broken:

Springfield: 101°F set in 1991. Worcester: 95°F set in 1926. Windsor Locks, CT: 101°F set in 1991.

Monday Through Tuesday: An area of low pressure will track along a frontal boundary that will be positioned across southern New England Monday night through Tuesday.

Skies on Monday will start out partly sunny, but will become cloudy by afternoon. Widespread showers with the possibility of a thunderstorm or two is expected throughout Monday afternoon, Monday night and Tuesday. The showers should come to an end by late Tuesday.

High temperatures Monday will be between 80 and 85 Degrees. Low temperatures Monday night will be near 65 Degrees. High temperatures Tuesday will be between 75 and 80 Degrees.

Wednesday Through Friday: Skies on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be sunny to partly sunny. High temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will be near 80 Degrees. High temperatures Friday will be near 85 Degrees.

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