Very Hot & Very Humid Weather Is Still Expected On Both Saturday & Sunday

For The Rest Of Today: A frontal boundary just to our west will push through all of southern New England by midday with an area of high pressure gradually building into our area this afternoon.

So, for the rest of this morning, we will see continue to see a mixture of sunshine and clouds with a light north to northeast wind along with comfortable humidity levels. By midday, temperatures will have risen to between 81 and 85 Degrees.

For this afternoon, the heat and humidity will really increase as our winds shift into a southwesterly direction. Skies this afternoon will be partly sunny with high temperatures between 90 and 95 Degrees. Heat index readings of 95 to 100 Degrees are expected this afternoon.

Tonight: A warm and very humid night is expected across Western and Central Mass with low temperatures only falling to 72 to 75 Degrees.

Saturday will be very hot and very humid. Afternoon high temperatures will be between 95 and 100 Degrees with heat index readings of 105 to 110 Degrees. Bottom line is that it is going to be an extremely uncomfortable and miserable day in terms of heat and humidity.

Saturday Night: Extremely uncomfortable humidity levels are expected on Saturday night with low temperatures between 73 and 79 Degrees.

Sunday: Another very hot and very humid day is expected on Sunday with afternoon high temperatures of 95 to 100 Degrees and heat index readings of 105 to 110 Degrees. In fact, some areas may end up being hotter on Sunday than they are on Saturday. There is the possibility for a couple of late afternoon and evening thunderstorms, especially across areas north of the Mass Pike.

Monday: An area of low pressure and its associated frontal system will push across southern New England during Monday afternoon and Monday night. Thankfully, this will end our very hot and humid weather. So, I expect cloudy skies on Monday with widespread showers and possible thunderstorms during Monday afternoon and Monday night. High temperatures Monday will be near 80 Degrees.

Tuesday Through Thursday: Much more pleasant temperatures are expected throughout next week with high temperatures of 80 to 85 Degrees expected along with more tolerable humidity levels. Skies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be partly sunny.

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