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VERY Hot & Humid Weather Expected Through Wednesday Across Western & Central Mass

I wanted to begin by apologizing for not posting over the last couple of weeks.

My posts on here are much less frequent during the Summer as compared to the Winter. The reason why is because I'm usually really busy forecasting tropical systems, including tropical storms and hurricanes with my business Crown Weather Services . So far this season, I've been extremely busy as the season has already gotten off to an active start. This is highly unusual as I normally do not get busy until later July and especially during August and September. This active start concerns me greatly because I'm extraordinarily concerned of how busy, destructive and dangerous the main part of the hurricane season (August and September) could be.

Anyways, onto this week's forecast for Western and Central Mass -

VERY HOT and oppressively humid weather is expected for the rest of this afternoon with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. Heat index readings will hover around 105 Degrees.

A very warm and oppressively humid night is expected tonight with low temperatures of near 75 Degrees.

Another very hot and humid day is expected on Tuesday. One difference may be that we could see a few thunderstorms pop up during the mid and late afternoon hours. High temperatures Tuesday will be between 95 and 100 Degrees with heat index readings of 105 to 110 Degrees.

Wednesday is expected to be very hot and humid with high temperatures of around 95 Degrees and heat index readings of 105 Degrees.

A cold front is expected to push into the area during the late afternoon and evening hours bringing with it thunderstorms. Some of these storms may be on the strong to severe side.

A little cooler weather is expected for Thursday and Friday along with plenty of clouds and some scattered shower activity. High temperatures Thursday will be near 85 Degrees and high temperatures Friday will be near 75 Degrees.

Looking ahead to the Fourth of July weekend - While the weekend does not look like a washout, there will be some periods of showers at times. Right now, it looks like the greatest chances for showers will be on Saturday morning, Sunday morning and much of the day on Monday. High temperatures on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be in the mid to upper 70s.

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