Tornado Watch In Effect Until 9 pm For Western & Central Mass

Weather conditions are now becoming increasingly more supportive of tornadoes & these very favorable conditions are expected to persist throughout this afternoon into this evening.

The winds across the region are expected to increase dramatically as the afternoon progresses as Tropical Storm Isaias will track northward into western New England.

The atmosphere is expected to be very humid and unstable throughout this afternoon.

I am closely watching a band of thunderstorms now located to the south of Long Island. These storms are racing northward and will reach the region over the next couple of hours or so. Additional thunderstorm development is also expected outside of this band of thunderstorms.

It needs to be strongly stressed that any thunderstorms this afternoon into early this evening will be in a very favorable environment to produce tornadoes. Any tornadoes will be fast moving (forward motion of 50-plus mph) and will have little warning time. This means that you should take any tornado warnings very seriously.

In addition to the tornado threat, I continue to be extremely concerned about the very strong wind threat between about 3 pm this afternoon and 8 pm this evening.

Across Western Mass - Wind gusts of between 60 to 80 mph are expected, especially in any thunderstorms between 3 pm and 8 pm.

Across Central Mass - Wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph are expected between 3 pm and 8 pm.

These very strong winds are a huge concern because obviously the trees are fully leafed and winds from a south-southeast direction, which is uncommon for our area, we could see more downed trees than normal. This means that scattered to widespread power outages are likely. Take the next few hours to bring in anything that may be blown around. Also, charge up your electronic devices & make sure your flash lights and lanterns work.


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