Strong Winds With On & Off Showers This Afternoon Through Tonight; Strong Winds Continue Friday

For The Rest Of Today: Areas of showers, drizzle and fog are expected the rest of this morning across Western and Central Mass. While this is occurring, a southerly wind flow will continue to transport mild and humid air into the region. This means that afternoon high temperatures will be near 70 Degrees with humid conditions.

South to southwest winds will increase by this afternoon with wind gusts of up to 30 to 35 mph expected during this afternoon.

Also during this afternoon, expect scattered shower activity across all of Western and Central Mass.

Tonight: An area of low pressure is expected to strengthen as it heads into southern Quebec province. This low pressure system will pull a strong cold front across Western and Central Mass late tonight and early Friday morning.

From 6 pm To Midnight: Scattered shower activity is expected. In addition, south to southwest winds will gust up to 40 to 50 mph at times.

From Midnight Tonight To 6 am Friday Morning: Things may get very wild in the weather department across the region after midnight tonight as that strong cold front moves through. It looks likely that a line of heavy rain, strong winds and possible thunderstorms will enter the Berkshires just after midnight and then move into the rest of Western and Central Mass between 2 am and 3 am. This activity of heavy rainfall, strong winds and possible thunderstorms will continue into the predawn hours of Friday morning and will quickly end by about sunrise Friday morning.

Strong Winds: South to southwest winds are expected to gust up to 50 mph between midnight and 3 am and then shift into a westerly direction and gust up to 50 to 60 mph between about 3 am and 6 am. These strong winds may lead to tree damage and power outages across Western and Central Mass after midnight tonight.

Heavy Rainfall & Thunderstorms: Widespread showers with downpours of heavy rainfall are expected to overspread Western and Central Mass between 2 and 3 am and end around sunrise Friday morning. In addition, a couple of thunderstorms may be embedded within the heavy shower activity.

Temperatures: It will start out very mild and quite humid tonight with temperatures between 65 and 70 Degrees expected through at least midnight. Once the cold front moves through around 3 to 4 am or so, expect temperatures to quickly fall into the 50s very late tonight into early Friday morning with much less humid air moving in.

Friday: Friday is expected to start out partly sunny with sunny skies expected during the afternoon. It will be quite windy on Friday with west winds gusting up to 40 to 50 mph at times. Tree damage and power outages are possible on Friday due to the very gusty winds. High temperatures Friday will be near 55 Degrees.

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