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Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Expected Late This Afternoon & This Evening

Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Are Expected Late This Afternoon & This Evening: A southward moving cold front now located over northeastern Mass may push as far south as about Route 9 a little later this morning before it stalls. This will set up a very large temperature gradient across Western and Central Mass with afternoon temperatures ranging from near 70 Degrees north of the Mass Pike in Central Mass to 75 to 80 Degrees near and south of the Mass Pike in Central Mass to 80 to 85 Degrees across all of Western Mass. A period of dry weather is expected from late this morning through the first half of this afternoon with partly sunny skies likely across all of Western Mass into areas near and south of the Mass Pike in Central Mass. Much more cloudiness looks likely across areas north of the Mass Pike throughout the rest of today. Strong to potentially severe thunderstorms are expected to push into Western Mass by about 4-5 pm this afternoon and then overspread Central Mass by about 6 pm or so. This strong to severe thunderstorm activity is then expected to continue until about 8-9 pm or so this evening before it comes to an end. We are really going to have to watch where exactly that frontal boundary sits as those thunderstorms push through the region. The reason why is because it may serve as a focal point for low-level wind shear and turning of the atmosphere. Because of this, we may have to keep an eye on for the possibility for rotating storms that could try to produce funnel clouds or even a tornado or two. In addition to that, any strong to severe thunderstorms will be capable of producing wind gusts of 45 to 65 mph, extremely heavy downpours with the threat for poor drainage flooding and street/highway flooding and frequent lightning strikes. I will be watching things very closely and will have updates for you as needed. Finally – I continue to watch Hurricane Fiona extremely closely, not only for my Crown Weather clients in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Canadian Maritimes, but also for our weather. Fortunately for Western & Central Mass, it looks like Fiona will head in a direction that’s too far east to bring us any impacts late this week. Unfortunately, Fiona is very likely to bring very significant impacts to the Turks and Caicos Islands and then Bermuda over the next few days. Also, Fiona could be a very major storm for eastern Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland this weekend.

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