Quiet Weather Continues Today Through Friday; A Soaking Cold Rain Sat Afternoon & Sat Night

For The Rest Of Today: High pressure will continue to control our weather the rest of today. This means that skies will be sunny to partly sunny throughout the rest of today. High temperatures will be near 45 Degrees.

Tonight: Generally partly cloudy skies are expected tonight with low temperatures that range from near 15 Degrees in the valleys and colder locations to the low to mid 20s elsewhere across Western and Central Mass.

Friday: Partly sunny skies are expected on Friday with high temperatures between 43 and 47 Degrees.

Saturday Through Sunday: The track for this weekend’s storm continues to shift to the north. This means that it is looking likely that this storm will bring a cold rain to a majority of Western and Central Mass on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. In addition, it looks like this will be a soaking rain as the rain will come down at a moderate to heavy rate at times.

An area of low pressure is expected to develop across the Mid-Atlantic States on Saturday and then cross southern New England Saturday evening before moving into northern New England on Saturday night. As a result, most of the cold air needed to see snow is going to remain too far north.

So, I think that we will see a cold rain develop across much of Western and Central Mass by midday Saturday with a cold rain continuing through Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Only the highest of elevations in the Berkshires may be either a snow-rain mix of all snow Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.

In addition, the rain is expected to be moderate to heavy at times Saturday afternoon and Saturday night with rainfall totals of one inch (1.00”) to one and one half inches (1.50”) expected. This could be a problem as the heavy rain will be falling on a mostly frozen ground with a little bit of snow cover. This means that the rain will have no way to soak into the ground and urban and street flooding looks likely Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.

In addition, the ground temperatures will likely still be below freezing for a while Saturday afternoon. This means that even though the air temperature will be above freezing, the rain could still freeze on contact with the ground. So, icy conditions are possible in some areas Saturday afternoon.

The rain is expected to come to an end late Saturday night and Sunday is expected to be cloudy.

Monday through Wednesday: Another stretch of dry weather is expected during the first half of next week.

Monday is expected to be partly sunny with high temperatures between 40 and 45 Degrees.

Tuesday is expected to be partly sunny with high temperatures between 35 and 40 Degrees.

Wednesday is expected to be partly sunny with high temperatures between 35 and 40 Degrees.

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