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Moderate To Heavy Rain Will Continue This Afternoon Across Western & Central Mass

Moderate to occasionally heavy rain is expected to continue across the entire area throughout the rest of this afternoon. Current indications point towards the rain coming to an end from southwest to northwest during this evening.

Additional rainfall amounts the rest of this afternoon into this evening will range from between one half of an inch (0.50") to one inch (1.00") across Western Mass to between 1 and 2 inches of additional rainfall across Central Mass.

Given how extremely wet the ground conditions are right now, this additional rainfall will very likely lead to the flooding of roads, highways, underpasses and areas of poor drainage. Also, if your home or business has a basement that is susceptible to flooding, be aware that the rain this afternoon will probably cause these basements to flood.

This heavy rain is going to considerably impact the afternoon commute due to low visibility in heavy rain, ponding of water on roads and even the possibility of delays due to closed roads because of flooding.

More updates will be sent out as needed.

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