Lots Of Sunshine Today; Another Round Of Rain Expected Thursday

For The Rest Of Today: An area of high pressure will be located over New England today. This means that plenty of sunshine can be expected throughout the rest of today with high temperatures between 75 and 80 Degrees.

Tonight: That high pressure system will move to our east tonight. At the same time this is happening, an area of low pressure now located over the southeastern United States will move northward along the US East Coast tonight. This low pressure system is packed with a lot of tropical moisture.

Skies this evening will be clear to partly cloudy with skies expected to become cloudy after midnight tonight. Rain will likely be on our doorstep around sunrise Thursday morning, but I think tonight, as a whole, will be dry.

Low temperatures tonight will be around 50 Degrees.

Thursday: That low pressure system will move across New England during the late morning and afternoon hours of Thursday.

Widespread showers will overspread Western and Central Mass between 7 and 9 am Thursday morning with widespread showers expected to continue through the early afternoon hours. In addition, there is the chance for a thunderstorm or two and locally heavy rainfall with the widespread showers is likely.

The shower activity is expected to come to an end during the mid and late afternoon hours.

High temperatures Thursday will only be around 60 Degrees.

Thursday Night: A line of scattered showers will accompany a cold front pushing through during Thursday evening with some clearing possible late Thursday night. Low temperatures Thursday night will be near 55 Degrees.

Friday: Friday will likely start out with sunshine, however, clouds are expected to build up by Friday afternoon as an upper level low pressure system moves right over our area. In addition, some scattered showers can be expected during Friday afternoon.

High temperatures Friday will be between 65 and 70 Degrees.

Saturday: A mixture of sunshine and clouds can be expected on Saturday. It should be noted that all of Saturday will be rain-free. High temperatures Saturday will be between 75 and 80 Degrees.

Sunday Through Tuesday: Late this weekend into early next week has the potential to be quite stormy across southern New England as a couple of upper level weather disturbances push into a warm, humid and unstable air mass.

This means that scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely on Sunday afternoon and evening, Monday afternoon and evening and Tuesday afternoon and evening. At this point, it is too early to confidently say whether we will see any sort of strong or severe thunderstorm development, but it is something to keep an eye on.

High temperatures on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be around 80 Degrees. In addition, it is likely to be quite humid with dew point temperatures in the 60s to near 70 Degrees at times.

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