Lots Of Sunshine, But Cold The Rest Of Today; Record High Temperatures This Weekend

For The Rest Of Today: An area of high pressure will bring Western and Central Mass lots of sunshine throughout the rest of today. It will be cold with high temperatures in the upper 20s. Northwest winds will continue to gust up to 30 mph the rest of this morning before decreasing in speed this afternoon.

Tonight: High pressure will continue to control the weather tonight. Skies will start out clear to partly cloudy this evening before becoming cloudy after midnight. Low temperatures tonight will be between 15 and 20 Degrees.

Friday: A mild southwesterly wind flow will be in place on Friday well ahead of a cold front that will be moving through the Great Lakes.

A mixture of some sunshine and lots of clouds can be expected on Friday. The southwesterly wind flow I mentioned will block the cold front from getting too close & thus Friday is expected to be rain-free.

High temperatures Friday will be near 45 Degrees. Southwest winds will gust up to 25 to 30 mph at times.

Friday Night: That frontal system will continue its crawl eastward from the Great Lakes on Friday night. Cloudy skies are expected on Friday night and it is expected to be rain-free. Temperatures on Friday night will be steady between 40 and 45 Degrees. Southwest winds will gust up to 25 to 30 mph at times.

Saturday: That cold front is expected to slowly enter northern New England by late in the day Saturday. Ahead of the front, I am expecting record high temperatures Saturday in the upper 50s. Worcester’s record high temperature Saturday is 58 Degrees set in 1924. Springfield’s record high temperature on Saturday is 58 Degrees set in 1980. Both of these record high temperatures could either be tied or broken on Saturday.

In addition to this, Saturday will be cloudy and I do think that we will see some scattered showers during the afternoon.

Saturday Night: The forecast forward speed of the cold front is slower as compared to what was forecast yesterday at this time. This means that the heavier rain with the front will hold off until late Saturday night or during Sunday morning.

This means that scattered showers and very mild temperatures are expected throughout much of Saturday night. A steady rain may overspread the region towards sunrise Sunday morning.

Temperatures on Saturday night will hold steady in the mid to upper 50s.

Sunday: A period of rain, which may be heavy at times, is expected on Sunday morning. In addition, there is the possibility for a thunderstorm or two during Sunday morning as well.

That cold front sweeps off of the Southern New England coast by Sunday afternoon & thus the rain will end by early afternoon. Skies are then expected to remain cloudy during the mid and late afternoon hours of Sunday.

Record high temperatures are once again expected on Sunday and these will probably be set during the morning hours. High temperatures Sunday will be near 60 Degrees during the morning with temperatures falling through the 50s and then into the 40s during Sunday afternoon.

Worcester’s record high temperature Sunday is 59 Degrees set in 2018. Springfield’s record high temperature on Sunday is 55 Degrees set in 2017. Both of these record high temperatures could either be tied or broken on Sunday.

Monday: Monday is expected to feature more clouds than sunshine with high temperatures between 40 and 45 Degrees.

Tuesday Through Wednesday: There continues to be a considerable amount of uncertainty with the weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. The forecast hinges on the interaction between a piece of energy lifting out of the central United States and a stalled frontal boundary located to the south of New England.

If these two weather features remain separate, then we will probably stay dry on both Tuesday and Wednesday. On the other hand, should these two features interact with each other, it could lead to some snow, sleet and freezing rain starting Tuesday afternoon and continuing through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

For now, I think that Tuesday will be cloudy with some light snow possible by late in the day. High temperatures Tuesday will be between 35 and 40 Degrees.

Tuesday night may see some light snow that will mix with light sleet and light freezing rain. Low temperatures will be near 30 Degrees.

Wednesday is expected to start out with some light snow that may be mixed with light sleet and light freezing rain during the morning with gradual clearing during the afternoon. High temperatures Wednesday will be near 40 Degrees.

Thank you for reading my latest forecast for Western and Central Mass.

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