Isaias Will Bring Very Strong Winds, Tornadoes & Heavy Rain To Western & Central Mass

Tropical Storm Isaias is currently located over eastern Virginia as of late this morning. The center of the storm is expected to reach the New York-Massachusetts border late this afternoon and this evening. The worst of this storm, in the way of very strong winds, the threat for tornadoes and heavy rainfall, is expected between about 3-4 pm this afternoon & 8 pm this evening. Heavy Rainfall With Flooding: At least scattered showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy downpours are expected from about I-91 in Western Mass eastward through Central Mass. West of I-91 westward through the Berkshires, a slug of heavy rain with the threat for flooding is expected from mid-afternoon today through early this evening. Fortunately, Isaias is moving quite quickly, so significant to major flooding is not expected at this time. Very Strong Winds: I think that very strong winds will be the big story across Western and Central Mass with Isaias. The winds at 1 to 2 thousand feet above our heads will be screaming at 60 to 80 mph for a few hours from late this afternoon into early this evening. I have significant concerns that at least some of these winds will mix their way to the ground leading to some very strong wind gusts between about 3 pm this afternoon until 7-8 pm this evening. Right now, I think that wind gusts of up to 50 mph are likely across Central Mass. Across Western Mass, where the region will be much closer to the storm’s track, wind gusts of 50 to possibly 70 mph are expected between 3 pm and 8 pm today. These very strong winds are a huge concern because obviously the trees are fully leafed and winds from a south-southeast direction, which is uncommon for our area, we could see more downed trees than normal. This means that scattered to widespread power outages are likely. Take the next few hours to bring in anything that may be blown around. Also, charge up your electronic devices & make sure your flash lights and lanterns work. Tornadoes: The tornado threat with Isaias is unusually high for a tropical system. The low-level wind shear combined with some unstable air & very strong dynamics from an approaching trough of low pressure will lead to a rather significant tornado threat, especially between 2 pm this afternoon and 9 pm this evening. Isaias already has a history of producing tornadoes from eastern North Carolina and eastern Virginia northward through Maryland into southern New Jersey. Be aware that these are expected to be very fast moving tornadoes & thus they will give you little time to react. This means that you should take all tornado warnings today into this evening very seriously. Isaias is expected to move out of the area very quickly by late tonight leaving us with at least a partly sunny and much calmer day on Wednesday. I am keeping extremely close watch on the progress and forecast of Isaias and will have additional updates for you as needed. Thank you for reading my latest forecast for Western and Central Mass. I do not charge for this information, but I am asking for donations to offset operating costs. All donations go to directly offsetting my costs of running Route 20 Weather which include (but not limited to) website hosting & bandwidth, subscriptions to weather data services, as well as electricity and broadband internet. Any amount that you can donate is truly appreciated! Donations can be made by PayPal using E-Mail address or by going to . If you would rather donate by check or money order, please e-mail me at & I can send you my mailing address. Thank you again for your support of Route 20 Weather!


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