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Improving Weather Mon With A Stretch Of Nice Weather Expected Tue-Fri Across Western & Central Mass

For This Afternoon: A cloudy afternoon is expected across Western and Central Mass with temperatures near 65 Degrees. In addition, some showers, which are heading northward from the south coast of New England will affect our area at times this afternoon. Overall, I think the shower activity will be scattered in nature and light in intensity. Tonight: Any leftover scattered showers will end early this evening as an area of low pressure well south of New England begins to move away. Overall, skies tonight will be cloudy, however, breaks in the clouds are likely later tonight. Low temperatures tonight will be near 55 Degrees. Monday: Skies on Monday are likely to start out cloudy, however, drier air will begin to infiltrate the area by afternoon. This means that skies will be partly sunny during the afternoon. High temperatures Monday will be between 65 and 70 Degrees. Tuesday Through Friday: A stretch of nice weather is expected across Western and Central Mass from Tuesday through Friday as high pressure will be in place across the region. Tuesday will be partly sunny with high temperatures between 70 and 75 Degrees. Wednesday is expected to also be partly sunny with high temperatures between 70 and 75 Degrees. Thursday will be sunny to partly sunny with high temperatures near 75 Degrees. Friday will be partly sunny with high temperatures near 75 Degrees. Next Weekend: That high pressure system is expected to move off of the New England coast with a frontal boundary moving across New England during Saturday. This means that some fairly widespread showers look likely for Saturday with high temperatures near 70 Degrees. Turning to next Sunday, it appears that the frontal system should move offshore, however, some lingering moisture may be in place under a west-northwesterly wind flow. This means that we should probably see a mixture of sunshine and clouds with the most cloudiness in the Worcester Hills and the hilltowns of Western Mass and the most sunshine in the Pioneer Valley and the Blackstone Valley. High temperatures next Sunday will be near 65 Degrees. Preliminary Look At The Weather For November & December: Just to be totally transparent with you, I don’t write and send out winter forecasts like other agencies. My philosophy on winter forecasts are that they can be more wrong than right, especially the snowfall forecasts. Temperature forecasts with seasonal forecasts are easier to do because you can get a general idea of how the winter may play out. A seasonal snowfall forecast, however, is a totally different animal. A stormy look in the weather pattern months ahead can still leave an area snowless in the end. Why? The storm track ends up being 100-150 miles further south or further north than initially forecast leading to either very little snow or a mixed bag winter of slop (snow, ice, rain). Anyways, we do have technology though to be able to look upwards of 3 months in advance or to about the early part of January. I have been studying and analyzing the potential weather pattern for November and December and this is what I’m thinking: November: It looks like November may start out mild and relatively dry as an area of high pressure may control our weather for the most part. By the middle of November, the weather pattern may turn a little more stormy, but remain relatively mild. This change in the weather pattern could lead to our first shot of winter towards late November as it’s possible that some colder air could make some progress in our area. This means that the first measurable snowfall of the season could occur across a large part of Western and Central Mass by about Thanksgiving. Summary Of November’s Forecast Weather:

Temperature: A little above average for temperatures; Snowfall: Ranging from 1 to 3 inches across the Connecticut River Valley to 2 to 5 inches across the Worcester Hills. December: If you want a truly White Christmas, this may be the year we see one across all of Western and Central Mass. An initial look at the possible weather pattern for December reveals that we may see a high pressure ridge set up near the Southeast US coast and an upper level low pressure system that places itself near Hudson Bay, Canada. Should this occur, it would mean the overall storm track could be one that leads to low pressure systems to move right over Southern New England during December. So, while I think that December, as a whole, looks to be slightly warmer than average for temperatures (this means high temps in the low to mid 40s and low temps near 30 Degrees from December 1-15 & high temperatures between 35 and 40 Degrees and low temperatures near 25 Degrees from December 16-31), I think that snowfall for December could be a little above average, especially in the northern Worcester Hills. Obviously, it’s impossible to tell the exact details on what days in December it’ll snow, but given the initial preliminary look at the weather pattern, I think there a decent chance that much of, if not all of Western and Central Mass will look like a Christmas postcard this year with snow on the ground on not only Christmas Morning, but also during the days leading up to Christmas. Summary Of December’s Forecast Weather: Temperature: A little above average for temperatures; Snowfall: Total snowfall for the month looks to range from 8 to 12 inches across the Connecticut River Valley and also along and south of the Mass Pike to 13 to 18 inches north of the Mass Pike (excluding the Connecticut River Valley where 8-12 inches of snow is expected in December).

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