How Much Snow Accumulated Last Night

I am still receiving reports of snow totals from across Western and Central Mass with last night's storm. Some areas received not as much snow as forecast; other areas, however, received more snow than what was forecast. Here in Indian Orchard, I recorded about 6 inches of snow with this storm. Here are some of the snow numbers that I have received so far: Western Mass: East Longmeadow: 8 Inches. Southwick: 6 Inches. Springfield: 6 Inches. Ludlow: 6 Inches. Ware: 5.5 Inches. North Amherst: 5.5 Inches. Holyoke: 5.3 Inches. Chicopee: 5 Inches. Northampton: 4.8 Inches. West Springfield: 4.5 Inches. Central Mass: Milford: 16 Inches. Uxbridge: 15 Inches. Grafton: 13.5 Inches. Auburn: 11 Inches. Worcester: 8 Inches. Fitchburg: 7 Inches. I would greatly appreciate any snow total reports that you want to pass on to me.

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