Forecast For The Rest Of Today Through Monday Across Western & Central Mass

The line of heavy showers has moved away & the sun has popped out in many areas of Western and Central Mass. While the line of showers did not produce any thunder or lightning, it did produce heavy downpours in many areas & also produced a 52 mph wind gust at Worcester Airport.

The rest of today is expected to be at least partly sunny and our temperatures will remain in the upper 50s to mid 60s for a few more hours before falling through the 50s this afternoon. Winds will gradually shift into a westerly direction and continue to gust up to 40-45 mph at times throughout the rest of today.

Additionally, we have already broken the record high temperatures for today both in Worcester and in Springfield.

The high temperature for today in Worcester so far has been 61 Degrees. This breaks the previous record high temperature for today of 59 Degrees set in 2018.

The high temperature so far today in Springfield has been 62 Degrees. This breaks the previous record high temperature for today of 55 Degrees set in 2017.

Much more average temperatures for this time of year can be expected tonight and Monday.

Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected tonight with low temperatures between 20 and 25 Degrees.

Monday looks partly sunny with high temperatures near 40 Degrees.


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