Accumulating Snow Expected Friday Night Into Saturday Morning Across Western & Central Mass

Accumulating snow is likely for Friday night into Saturday morning across all of Western & Central Mass. An area of low pressure is expected to track from the Ohio Valley on Friday to the South Coast of New England during Friday night and Saturday morning. There is expected to be a sufficient amount of cold air around for the precipitation to fall as snow across the entire area throughout Friday night into Saturday morning. Wet snow will overspread Western Mass between 7 pm and 9 pm Friday evening and then overspread Central Mass between 9 pm and 11 pm Friday evening. Snow is then expected to continue through the rest of Friday night and part of Saturday morning before ending by 9 to 10 am Saturday morning. Some rain may mix in with the snow across the Pioneer Valley and Blackstone Valley while mostly all snow falls in the Berkshires, Worcester Hills and the Hilltowns of Western Mass. There are signals in the data that suggest a period of heavy snow is likely for a while during the overnight hours of Friday night with 1 inch per hour snowfall rates likely across the entire area. As for possible snow accumulations on Friday night and Saturday morning – The highest snow amounts of 4 to 6 inches are expected across the Worcester Hills, the Berkshires and the Hilltowns of Western Mass. Across the lower elevations, such as the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass & the Blackstone Valley of Central Mass, 2 to possibly 4 inches of snow accumulation is expected. Be aware that scattered power outages are possible across the Worcester Hills, the Berkshires and the Hilltowns of Western Mass as more than 4 inches of heavy wet snow is expected. I continue to keep an eye on Friday night's possible snowfall & will have updates as needed.

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