A Few Strong To Possibly Severe Thunderstorms Are Possible Between 3 pm & 9 pm Today

A Few Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Are Possible Between 3 pm This Afternoon & 9 pm This Evening: Skies are expected to become partly sunny by late this morning with temperatures quickly climbing to 80 to 85 Degrees by this afternoon. In addition, dew point temperatures will be in the 60s this afternoon making things feel quite humid.

Partly sunny skies are expected to persist through early this afternoon and this will cause the atmosphere to become fairly unstable. In addition, strong mid-level winds will lead to an environment that will be favorable for a few strong to severe thunderstorms by mid-afternoon. It looks like the risk for a few strong to severe thunderstorms will exist from about 3 pm this afternoon to about 9 pm this evening.

With that said, there are some factors that might prevent severe weather this afternoon and this evening. The first issue is that there may be too much mid-level dry air around which could cause a cap to develop leading to little or no robust thunderstorm development. Another possible issue that could prevent severe storm development is that the strongest trigger for storm development may stay just to our north across southern Vermont, central and southern New Hampshire and southwest Maine. Should this occur, then we may end up with some scattered showers a few thunderstorms and nothing strong or severe.

Here Is What Could Occur: A few strong to severe thunderstorms may push into Western Mass by about 3 pm this afternoon and spread into Central Mass by about 4 to 5 pm this afternoon. A few strong to severe thunderstorms will persist across Western & Central Mass into early this evening and come to an end by 9 pm this evening.

This DOES NOT look like a widespread severe weather outbreak, but the possibility is there for a couple of thunderstorms to produce some damaging wind gusts of up to 50 to 60 mph, hail and frequent lightning between 3 pm and 9 pm today. There is also a low risk for a tornado in any areas where the low-level winds can locally shift into a south and southeasterly direction such as the I-91 corridor/Pioneer Valley region and the I-395 and I-190 corridor in Worcester County. Finally, locally torrential downpours could lead to brief street flooding in some areas.

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