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12:30 pm Friday Update For Western & Central Mass

The weather setup for the current weather system continues to be a tough one with precipitation currently ranging from mostly all rain mixed at times with snow across the I-91 corridor to a rain-snow mix starting to change to snow south of the Mass Pike and mostly snow falling across the Worcester Hills.

Here in Sturbridge, we flipped over to all snow at almost exactly noon and it's now snowing at a moderate rate right now.

One thing that has been a bit of a surprise to me is that we stayed as mostly rain this morning with a temperature that held right at 33 Degrees - even up at the airport in Worcester. Because of this, I think we may end up with very slightly lower snow amounts (they already weren't that high).

So, I think we'll see a rain-snow mix continue this afternoon across the I-91 corridor.

Elsewhere, now that it's all snow across a majority of Central Mass and across the Berkshires, we should probably see snow continue this afternoon and it will fall at a moderate to heavy rate at times. This means that roads are likely to become slick quite quickly and that travel conditions will be slippery and slow going. So, use caution out there driving.

The snow or snow-rain mix across Western Mass will come to an end by 3-4 pm and then come to an end across Central Mass during the 5 to 6 pm time frame.

My latest snow total map is attached to this post.

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