Lots and lots of sunshine is expected This Afternoon across Western and Central Mass with high temperatures around 85 Degrees.

Tonight & Saturday Morning: Showers are expected to be on the increase this evening as a warm front approaches the region. Showers will then continue through the rest of the night tonight into part of Saturday morning and there may also be a rumble or two of thunder.

That warm front is expected to push north of our area by late Saturday morning and this should leave us with a few hours of sunshine, as well as very warm and humid weather. High temperatures Saturday afternoon will be near 85 Degrees.

Late Saturday Afternoon & Saturday Evening: A cold front will press eastward towards our area later Saturday afternoon. At least a couple of rounds of thunderstorms are expected from about 5 pm until about 11 pm Saturday.

At this point, I'm not expecting a widespread severe weather event across Western and Central Mass. Instead, my thinking is that we should probably see a couple of the thunderstorms reach strong to severe limits with strong wind gusts the main threat. The reason for this is that most of the thunderstorm activity is expected to arrive after the peak heating of the day and this should mitigate the severe weather threat.

With that said, I will be watching things closely and will certainly be "baby sitting" the radar looking for any signs of a earlier start time of the thunderstorms.

With the cold front well to our east, Sunday is expected to be a sunny day with lower humidity and high temperatures near 85 Degrees.

Looking towards early next week - Monday is expected to be a partly sunny, hot and humid day with high temperatures near 90 Degrees.

Turning to Tuesday - A frontal boundary pushing eastward into our area will link up with some tropical moisture from the south leading to widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the day on Tuesday.

The air mass will be very humid and moderately unstable and this means that a few of the thunderstorms are likely to be severe with strong wind gusts the main threat. In addition, heavy rainfall will be a significant concern with any of the showers and thunderstorms and we will have to watch for the urban and road flooding potential.

High temperatures Tuesday will be between 80 and 85 Degrees.

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It looks like we'll see a couple of more nice days before strong to severe thunderstorms become a threat on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Clear skies with comfortable temperatures are expected Tonight with low temperatures between 45 and 50 Degrees.

A sunny day is expected on Thursday with high temperatures between 75 and 80 Degrees.

Sunny skies are also expected on Friday, however, the humidity is likely to be on the increase. High temperatures on Friday will be between 80 and 85 Degrees.

Turning to Saturday, it appears that a rather strong cold front will push across the Northeastern United States during Saturday afternoon and evening. The dynamics and forcing with this front will be pressing into some very warm, humid and unstable air.

Saturday is expected to start out with clouds and some shower and possible thunderstorm activity during the morning. Once these showers depart, we may be left with some partly sunny skies during Saturday afternoon along with very warm and humid conditions.

Strong to severe thunderstorms are a possibility during the late afternoon and evening hours on Saturday. How severe the thunderstorms get will depend on how much sunshine and how warm and humid we get during the afternoon on Saturday.

If we remain cloudy with some modest heating (near 80 Degrees), then a couple of stronger thunderstorms would be possible late in the day.

On the other hand, if we break out in quite a bit of sunshine with temps in the upper 80s with lots of humidity, then we could have a real problem with severe weather.

For now, I think that a few strong to severe thunderstorms are a possibility with strong winds the main threat. It's something that definitely needs to be watched.

The weekend will end really nice with lots of sunshine expected on Sunday with lower humidity and high temperatures between 80 and 85 Degrees.

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It's another very uncomfortably hot and humid day out there. At the time of this writing (10:30 am), it is already 87 Degrees at my home in Indian Orchard.

Hot and humid weather will continue through Wednesday with high temperatures this afternoon between 90 and 95 Degrees. High temperatures Wednesday will be around 90 Degrees.

In addition to the heat and humidity, thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding will be a concern later this afternoon into this evening.

It looks likely that thunderstorms will develop by 3-4 pm across Western and Central Mass and continue until about 10-11 pm this evening. The thunderstorms later this afternoon into this evening will be slow moving and will contain a lot of moisture. This means that the heavy rainfall threat will be quite high and I have a concern that we will see some flash flooding and urban flooding issues with these storms. Frequent lightning is also likely with the thunderstorms later this afternoon and this evening.

The heat and humidity will FINALLY break on Thursday with lots of sunshine expected and high temperatures near 80 Degrees. Partly sunny skies are expected on Friday with high temperatures between 70 and 75 Degrees.

The weekend looks decent with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. Partly sunny skies are expected on both Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures Saturday will be near 75 Degrees. High temperatures Sunday will be between 75 and 80 Degrees.

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